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Sons of Eve

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Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
10:19 am

Hi there, just joined the community wanted to make a bit of an intro post.

I am 27 years old, and live in Edmonton, AB, Canada. When I found this group I knew it would be an interesting place because I am very much opposed to the patriarchal constraints are society has placed on itself and it's people. I believe in the strength and dominance of women, but I also believe that a man should be free to be gentle and submissive if that is his way, as it is mine. I am submissive in my day to day life as well as in sexual attitude. Some would say this behavior is as a result of having a very strong feminine side which I express by crossdressing. Does that make it so, or is it simply that I am expressing a need to be gentle, giving, and permissive that is no more feminine than to be firm, commanding and decisive is masculine?

Why is a skirt inherently a woman's garment when pants and even suits now have become unisex. It is because our society deems that for a woman to become more like a man is acceptable because she is bettering herself, for a man to encourage womanly traits is unacceptable because he is belittling himself. By their view as a man I am already more than female, why should I lower myself to encouraging their traits?

Thank you for giving me this place to express these opinions and work at casting off just a little more of the patriarchal oppression.

Patriarchy oppresses us all.
Practice safe sex to avoid pregnancy, let women do the fucking.

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Saturday, November 27th, 2004
7:33 pm - Heels to Jesus!

As this community's first entry, I'd like to post the community's mission statement as found in our user info.

"Sons of Eve" is an open forum. We welcome feedback and ideas from all persons working to topple not only patriarchy, but also other interdependent systems of oppression -- white supremacy, heteronormativity, imperialist capitalism, etc.

We also want to grow. Spread the word; refer us to friends. We would especially like to attract straight men who themselves feel constrained by patriarchal sex codes. (ATTENTION PEGGERS.)

Welcome, and have fun.



"The Sons of Eve" believe gender is socially constructed to legitimize patriarchal distributions of power and privilege. Qualities traditionally associated with masculinity have been heralded, while qualities associated with feminity have been villified.

Patriarchy permeates every institution of our society. Christian institutions have traditionally played a key role in legitimizing patriarchy through the doctrine of women's responsibility for original sin. As Eve was the first woman penetrated, receptive sex has become taboo.

"The Sons of Eve" say this is bullshit. We are a community of male-identified persons (and female-identified allies) - Queer and hetero alike - who believe in fucking with gendered sex codes. We call for all men to publicly embrace penetration, anal pleasure and the experience of sexual vulnerability.

While much has been done in mainstream feminist movements to herald the masculine qualities of women, little has been done to herald the feminine qualities of men. Every man alive has the capacity to experience anal pleasure. When all men publicly embrace sexual receptivity, we can begin to elevate the penetrated from their ghetto of otherness.

Though "The Sons of Eve" are born as a small livejournal community dedicated to discussing issues of penetration and social justice, our ultimate goal is broad social change. Membership is open; all are invited.

"The Sons of Eve" stand by the lyrics of our theme song:

Though some folks think penetration's beyond reprieve
It's really more transformative than you'd believe
Once it's in your ass you'll never want it to leave
Heels to Jesus, we're the "Sons of Eve"
Heels to Jesus, we're the "Sons of Eve"

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